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Why I Am A Democrat: Respect for Women

One thing that really grinds my gears is when people treat women with disrespect and imply we cannot make our own choices.

Sorry things have been so quiet the last couple of weeks! I am in full thesis mode as I prepare to graduate from college in less than a month! Fancy! I have some great content coming up in the next few weeks, but posts will be less frequent as I transition through this busy stage! Love you!

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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they both look a little nervous about what the other one might write

then just the biggest smiles when they are reassured yet again how much they just love each other

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Normally, I’d agree, but no in this case, I’m sorry but that shit isn’t acceptable. It’s not like he’s suing because some standard issue hospital scrubs and underpants happen to be pink. These were doctors who decided they’d have fun trying to humiliate a patient who was under anaesthesia. At the very least it’s highly unprofessional.

But the problem is that it is humiliating for a man to be in pink women’s underwear. Femininity is so powerful that it can defeat masculinity simply with some pink shiny fabric. 

But also this is a huge violation. If I woke up from a colonoscopy in panties I would be messed up too. Doctors aren’t supposed to dress you.









I love my First Lady

Can you please tell her to tell her husband to stop killing muslims? Thanks

literally all she does is try to make the country “healthy” by giving students shitty school lunches like please do something else and help your husband fix the economy! *goes awf*

Imma need y’all to learn how the United States Government works. You don’t have to like her or the president but learn that they do not makes the decisions, they really do not have very much power, the president does not have the power to just snap his fingers and make shit happen or change things. You have to have 2/3 vote from congress to take a shit, let alone do anything having to do with government. The entire government was set up to make sure that exact thing could never happen, that is why there are 3 branches and that little thing called checks and balances.

In fact let me just break this down for y’all right here. 

  • President has 2 OFFICIAL jobs, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, but he only controls a limited amount of the funding for those troops (enough for 90 to 120 days) to engage these troops in combat. He CANNOT just declare war. only congress can declare war. The second, Accountant over the Federal Budget. 
  • He also is responsible for creating and balancing the national budget, but everything has to be approved by congress with a 2/3 vote. 
  • He signs bills into law, can veto them as well, however congress can override his veto. 
  • He assigns judges to the Supreme court, with the senates approval. 
  • He assigns foreign ambassadors, with the senates approval. 
  • he creates his own cabinet for people to research into areas that he might not have the time to, these are the only people who do not have to get approval from senate
  • congress is made up of 535 people (100 senators 435 HoR) for any of them to come to 1 agreement has only happened once in the history of this country, and that was to go into WWII, and even that the house voted 434 to one (1st woman house of Representative she was from Maine too, she voted against WW1 and 2)  and the judicial branch can call anything unconstitutional and kill it as well. 

and if you think i’m lying you can literally google this shit in 2 seconds. 

That tea is delicious


I often wonder if people realize that if the president could decide things by just snapping his fingers it wouldn’t be democracy??? but dictatorship??? like???




1. Calling women sluts/whores/skanks is a form of sexism.
When it comes to costumes, clothing, and sexual behavior, women are judged by a very different rubric than men.  When a guy has a lot of sex, he’s a stud.  If a woman behaves the same way, she’s a “whore”, “dirty”, “used up”, and doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect.  While people may use terms like “manslut” or “manwhore”, the consequences for the “manwhore” are not nearly as extreme.  People don’t see him as unworthy of respect.  He won’t be degraded, bullied, or have lies and rumors spread about him.  His reputation won’t be destroyed.  Being a “manwhore” is dismissed as him *~just being a guy~*.  

Because slut shame is a result of sexist ideas about what a woman “should” be or is allowed to do/be in the first place, women slut-shaming each other is a form of internalized sexism.  This is where a woman believes sexist things about herself and other women.  It can be very disruptive and harmful to women’s relationships with each other.  

These are some of the ways slut shame is entrenched in sexism.

2. Slut shame limits women’s freedom.
Calling women names and degrading them when they *break the rules* about how a woman is SUPPOSED to dress or behave ensures that women don’t have the same freedom men do.  They are not allowed to dress or do what they like…unless they want to pay the price of being bullied or dehumanized for it.

3. Slut shame is one of the ways women compete with each other for male approval.  
Slut-shaming creates a divide between women.  There are the “slutty stupid ones” with “no self respect” and there are the “proper ladies” who deserve to be treated as human.  Instead of building women up and cultivating healthy friendships, slut shame turns women against each other so that the slut-shamer can prove she’s “not like that” and therefore worthy of respect.  It puts women into harmful categories based on nothing more than how someone dresses or is perceived by others.  

4. Slut shame is a form of bullying.
Girls who break outside the mold of what they are supposed to do/be sexually and are thusly labeled sluts are at a higher risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide.  There have been many suicides that started with bullying in the form of slut shame. RIP Felicia Garcia, Amanda Todd, Phoebe Prince, Hope Witsell, Stacey Rambold’s unnamed victim, and all the other young women who have tragically taken their own lives because of the heartlessness and sexism of their peers.

5. Slut shame leads to rape, sexual assault, and sexual violence.
Because people see “sluts” as unworthy of respect, she is therefore not entitled to say no.  In this mentality, “sluts” become a target of harassment, assault, and even rape.  After the violence, she is then blamed for it.  After all, she was just a dumb slut….she asked for it, right?

This Halloween (and always) be a good person.  Respect women, respect their choices, and check yourself when you find yourself thinking or saying someone is a slut.  It’s a deeply held attitude about women that we all learn from our sexist culture, and it is vital that we all take the time to unlearn it.  These attitudes are more vicious and dangerous than they might appear.



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New York Comics Con attendee cosplays as every Johnny Depp character at once.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Everyone keeps telling me all about how my high school years are completely irrelevant to my life and I wont even think about it in a few years. I dont understand that, just because they think it was stupid, doesnt mean that it's not a part of my life. My life doesn't start when I graduate college or get married and have kids, it's literally happening right now. Those things may never come and I don't want to regret not living my life from the very beginning or to the fullest. What do you think?
candyjean candyjean Said:


High school is in no way irrelevant. All of the things that happened to me in high school are still part of me. I am still friends with the best people I knew in high school. A great deal of the self-exploration I did during those years continues to define me. The music and media I discovered then have hugely influenced what I’m into now (and a lot of that media is still the same stuff…like, I still watch Buffy…and the fact that Joss Whedon went on to do huge amazing stuff like The Avengers is really special for me because I was rooting for him when he was making weird, quirky, content with a cult following that I was proud to be a part of. 

That’s just one tiny example. 

And, of course, the insecurities that were created by crappy people and crappy situations in high school have continued to affect me, and I imagine will continue to affect me forever.

I basically created myself in high school. And I am still that self that I created…and if I had done a worse job of it, I would be a worse person. So don’t let anyone tell you that those years don’t matter.